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Live independently with eldercare monitored alarms

HomeAssist is a dependable choice for those wishing to continue living independent lives, but who need extra support. Incorporating the latest in telecare alarm technology our solution provides
around-the-clock support.

Only £99.95 with £9.95 a month for monitoring.

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How the Monitored Eldercare works

How it works 1

The system can be triggered by panic and emergency alarms, smoke or motion detectors.

How it works 2

The Hub immediately sends a signal directly to our UK-based Secure Monitoring Station.

How it works 3

Within seconds, one of our Incident Managers will be able to speak to you and assess the situation.

How it works 4

Depending on what we hear, we’ll either alert the emergency services or the designated key holder.

Affordable Fees Buy Now

Only £99.95 with £9.95 a month monitoring.

An affordable fee for the security of your home, helping you provide a safe environment.

It's easy to install the Monitored Eldercare

Our system is quick and easy to install. It doesn’t require any specialist knowledge, and we’ll be on hand at the other end of the phone, should you need any assistance

Self Install

Self Install

Our system is quick and easy to install.

Virtually Wireless

Virtually Wireless

All monitoring devices attach and communicate wirelessly to the central Hub, which plugs directly into the mains.

Easy Upgrade

Easy Upgrade

You can add up to 18 wireless monitoring accessories to your package.

24 hour monitoring Buy Now

We link directly to 24 hour NSI Gold monitoring

This means we can talk directly to you and assess the situation if any emergency occurs.

What you get with your
Monitored Eldercare system...

1 x Pro-tect alarm system, the Hub

1 x Medical Alert Pendant

1 x Telephone Cable

1 x Mains Cable

1 x Double Telephone Connector

1 x Easy to use installation instructions

1 x 12 months warranty.

Your new Monitored Eldercare system can be easily upgraded. It’s been designed to allow a further 18 wireless
attachments to be added – meaning you’re covered no matter what size or shape your home is.

Your Monitored Eldercare system explained...

Finding your way around the Monitored Eldercare system is easy – here’s a quick guide to what’s what.

Monitored Eldercare

The Hub

The central hub controls your new alarm system. In the event of an alarm being triggered by one of the detectors, which is connected wirelessly to the hub, will enable your incident manager, who is located at a secure UK-based monitoring station to instantly respond to the alarm raised. The incident manager will be able to communicate directly to you through the central hub, or listen in to events taking place at property. After assessing the situation a designated key holder will be alerted, or, if necessary, the emergency services will be contacted.

Monitored Eldercare

Medical Alert Pendant

The Medical Alert Pendant is designed to be worn around the neck. So, in the event of a medical emergency, help can quickly and easily be requested. Once the button is pressed, it will connect with the Hub - as described above. And because round-the-clock medical attention is just a click away, this enables the user to go about their daily lives, confident that help will be on hand if needed.

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Only £99.95 with an affordable monthly monitoring fee of just £9.95